I Didn’t Expect That…

I like this post, makes me think of the day I had my first son and the day I brought him home. That was the best day of my life to see and hold someone that was actually apart of me! STRONG DADS!

Main Line Dads

Around 7:00 PM, after we had been there an hour or so, the nurse called me over to look at something. “There’s the top of the baby’s head. This shouldn’t take too much longer.” Okay, I thought, if you say so. You’re the expert here. At the same time I thought, or rather, a terrifying thought consumed me: Holy Shit! This can’t happen. If that’s just the top of a head, there’s no way the rest of the head, a set of shoulders, arms, and a torso will ever fit through. The child is going to be lodged permanently in that silly straw of a birth canal.

The mother-child duo were going to expire right here, in this hideous “birthing suite” with its sandstone colored linoleum tiles, buttermilk colored walls, one of which was covered by a massive and incredibly dated nature mural wallpaper scene of some Montana high-country meadow…

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