Value of social media beyond pushing content out

Its kind of good that we have this kind of info on the web to keep people informed of the good and bad about the tech industry

According to MajaStevanovich



I had an interesting discussion with a colleague recently talking about crisis situations. From good examples in the past, it seems as if social media gives brands a heads-up if a crisis is coming their way. With everyone now having a mouthpiece to voice their concerns, or in some cases praise, things tend to spread in this medium first. Being a diligent conversation monitor and staying ahead of the crisis, or at least prepared, is a capability social media gives us. 

Depending on how organizations view social media, it is so much more than just a content pushing or “getting in the conversation” type of capability, instead, a platform that truly allows for integrating the communication message. As technology and social have changed the way we communicate, it becomes critical knowing when and with what platforms brands should engage with and how spokespeople and ambassadors interact in these platforms…

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