Young drivers snapping ‘selfies’ at the wheel

That’s is so crazy, why would you want to take a picture of your-self while your driving and cause a serious accident, DUMB!!!


Drivers are endlessly creative when it comes to finding dumb things to do while behind the wheel: eating, texting, reading a map, applying makeup.

But technology has now inspired an alarming new trend: drivers taking self-portraits, or “selfies,” with their smartphone cameras while in motion.

Idiotic? Maybe so, but these self-portrait artists aren’t shy about sharing their photos. Instagram shows more than 3,727 posts under the #drivingselfie hashtag, more than 1,869 for the plural #drivingselfies, and more than 9,700 for #drivingtowork. Some users add the optimistic tag, #Ihopeidontcrash.

On Twitter, a search for “driving selfie” turns up hundreds of images.

Not all the photos or videos shot by drivers are of themselves. Some are of their passengers being goofy or of pretty scenery zipping past. All this photo-taking requires using at least one hand to open a camera app, frame the shot and press the shutter button.

Not surprisingly, highway…

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