Life’s challeng’s part two!


Here’s something I thought about after I wrote the last post of “life challenges”. I posted about the jelly fish but, I didn’t give my reason why I choose that type of fish. I was asked to write about something in life that I thought would be useful on the social medial web.

I choose this type of jelly fish (BOX JELLY FISH) because it was one of the most dangerous jelly fish in the entire ocean. WHAT!
It really has no enemies out there, but it still has to go thru a life cycle and life challenge’s from birth. From an egg to adult hood it too has to go thru its own life challenge. Dangerous other jelly fish, bigger fish that wants to eat the eggs when young, going out in the ocean alone and have to fend for itself to find it’s own food. But, as you see the photo it is gracefully swimming thru the ocean but, what we don’t see is, if there is a mountain, a coral reef, tall stalk of sea weed, or any other obstruction that it possibly mite have to go thru. No matter what’s in it’s way, it has to make a choice to continue on or to turn around and don’t get to the food that’s ahead or a peaceful place to rest. Check it out for your self.” HTTP:// Box Jelly”.

Now I thought about how our lives can relate to the life style of the jelly fish. We were born groomed from birth, taut the wrongs and rights, told what to do and what not mess with and who to leave alone. But, enough of that, back to the message at had. We got thru life challenges for a particular reason. If we didn’t, how then can we know how to relate to trials of life. My grandfather was a WWII Veteran, and another war for which I cant remember rite now. But that’s ok. He would say that ” If you can Endure anything in life you can achieve anything BUT!, if YOU! stop Enduring don’t try to tell someone else what they can or can not achieve”! Meaning that, if you do something in life and you don’t achieve it , don’t try to hinder someone else from trying to reach there goals. Life Challenges will beat you down try to hurt you but, you must ALLWAYS! remember that no matter what you do, never give up because when you endure its not just for yourself, someone else is looking up to you and how you handle your situation. If you give up, they would have the same thought, that if you got to a certain point and gave up, maybe it will be the same way if I try it too. I’m sorry if that’s sounds like I’m attacking someone I’m not. Its just a true fact that if we don’t train up our kinds and lead them the right way they will fall astray and follow something else that’s going to lead to destruction. But, let me get off this subject and keep it moving. Everything and anything in life you put your mind to you can achieve it if you just stay the course. REMEMBER! Endurance! is no just for you, its also for someone else who are looking up too you. I think that is a real situation of Life’s Challenge’s. To always THINK! of someone else, not just yourself!


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