Is Social Media Being Violated?


I think the most important thing about this topic is how the user perceives how they are being violated. Just like the “Penguins” in the photo, there not expecting anybody the violate there getting together on the side of the shore or any other place that they mite visit. They want to go and not be bothered by anybody or anything. But, I guess the same thing would apply to ourselves. We don’t want anybody invading our privacy in any sort of way. The internet or any other form that the government and secret agencies may have out there to watch us. Not to say that watching what some people do or say on the web is not to be viewed. Because there are some things out there that I wouldn’t even want my kids watching or looking at. There are some serious people that need help with putting strange things on the internet but, not everyone is like that. But the idea of someone always watching every move or thought that you put on the web good or bad is kind of crazy. I would think that it would be up to the viewer how to take the information that is put on the web and what THEY! want to watch and not watch. Its should not be up to the “MEDIA POLICE”! But, like I said before that there are some things that need to be watched out for on the web like hate stuff or terrorist stuff. But, besides that let life go on and don’t try to control my life and yours to! Freedom of speech is a given right. Its in the U.S Constitution but, I wont get into all of that. We will just let that one ride for itself. Watch what you want to watch and censor what YOU! want to censor for your own choice, not the powers that be!


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