Snap Shot’s! What were they thinkin!


Here’s a snap shot of a koala bear. It not naked or taking any crazy photos of its self. Its just having a good time trying to find a meal in the tree.
But, what in the world was these kids thinking about taking pictures of them selves and some other girls and posting them on a snap shot site, That was stupid at first just to take the pictures and post them anyway. That would be no difference then putting porn pictures on the web and expecting everybody to see them. Even the photos don’t stay don’t the site for very length of time but, that still doesn’t make it rite for them to put any type of retard photos them selves or any body else and expect it to be ok. There needs to be more restrictions on some of these sites. Especially the ones who put things on them. not to say that the sites doesn’t have any good use for someone to look at like jobs uses. Because a lot of jobs now look at your face book and other pages just to see how you conduct yourself away from your job place. And really what they say to someone who has photos of them selves and other people on there site and think that they hired the a very weird people. I don’t think that you would have any job left if they was to find something like that on your site. considered/2013/11/14 snap shot story!

I think parents like myself need to be more conscience of the things that go on in there house and on the there phones. There is a way to check there phones when they are not close buy to you and to see what kind of stuff they are posting and who too. It mite sound like invasion of privacy but, I would rather find out what they are up to then have the police or they FBI if it ever got that serious, and get token to jail for some stupid reason like these kids did in Canada post obscene photos of them selves and others!


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