Facebook’s New Policy Brings a New Chapter into the Lives of Teenagers

that is a good idea but, i hope that they monitor the actions that the teenagers are putting on the web for other people to see.

Crisis Communication & Social Media

Facebook relaxed its privacy policy recently, allowing teens between 13 and 17 years old to share whatever they posted with the general public. This move has raised new concerns about teenagers’ privacy and safety online, but I believe Facebook is definitely doing the right thing. Here’s why.

First, when the free speech confronts privacy right, Facebook refuses to compromise.

While experts are complaining about their privacy concerns, Facebook chooses to respect teenagers’ free expression rights. Should we limit teenagers’ freedom of speech just because of their age? Teenagers are the savviest people using social media; they post their thoughts about the new movies they have watched and interesting events they have attended… Instead of being heard only by their friends, they prefer to share their voices with the general public. Facebook therefore revised its privacy rules to give teenagers an opening door to the real world.

Second, when desires confront…

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