Is Sallie Mae Helping or Harming Black Millennials?

i hope and pray its for the best and not to harm us as a people.

dara t. mathis

For almost the past 50 years, there has been a shift in the American Dream of success, especially in regards to black families. Civil rights laws opened doors to education. Colleges and universities began to flood with women and minorities who previously weren’t welcomed at institutions of higher learning. By the time the generation of Americans called Millennials were born in the early 1980s, “go to college” was a required step in adulthood.

A degree should equip students with skills and knowledge they need to be productive members of society. And for many black families who are sending their first generation of college students off, this is the first step of building wealth. The formula hasn’t been so simple, however. Graduating into the yawning mouth of a recession, many Millennials find themselves both jobless and penniless, their dreams swallowed up in a harsh reality.

In mainstream media, the growing…

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