“My best part of coming home from work. My Baby Girl”

Image  The Love of a father and daughter can’t be duplicated to the extinct of how she care and looks up to her father. You will always be her strong tower when other guys hurt her, you are the first person she tells besides her mother. but, You! are the one she is going to run to when that guy hurts her or does something wrong to her. that’s is the best thing i like about being a father, there is no limit to how your kids will look at you. They mite not like you when they become a teenager when you tell then that they can’t do a certain thing but, that’s just good parenting to me. No! dose’t always mean you can’t do something , it’s just the fact of you knowing that something mite go wrong and looking out  for there safety. that’s why i had to put my Baby Girl on front street she is the joy to come home from work. I have a son too I Love him quite the same but, Daughters Love is kind of different from the love of the Boys. Shoots out to my Baby girl. excuse the numbers for some reason they would not come off! What the heck!


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