Photoshop is 25 Years Old Today

Love the imagery of the photos. The colors and the texture

Photofocus (old site)

Today makes 25 years with Adobe Photoshop…. quite a feat if you think about all the ways the tool has affected the media landscape.  From photographers and designers to architects and doctors, Photoshop has become synonymous with digital imaging.

Photoshop Icons Through the Years

I’ve been a Photoshop user since 1991… it’s amazing how much has changed in that time. Let’s take a look back at its history and some cool moments dug up from the archives.

In the Beginning

Photoshop began its life in 1987.  Thomas Knoll developed a pixel imaging program called Display.  This application was a simple application and could show grayscale images on a black-and-white monitor. If you’re too young to remember, color monitors didn’t really exist in widespread use at that time.

For a great interview with Thomas click here — some excerpts below.

“When I was in graduate school I was focusing on something called computer vision, which is the process of…

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“My best part of coming home from work. My Baby Girl”

Image  The Love of a father and daughter can’t be duplicated to the extinct of how she care and looks up to her father. You will always be her strong tower when other guys hurt her, you are the first person she tells besides her mother. but, You! are the one she is going to run to when that guy hurts her or does something wrong to her. that’s is the best thing i like about being a father, there is no limit to how your kids will look at you. They mite not like you when they become a teenager when you tell then that they can’t do a certain thing but, that’s just good parenting to me. No! dose’t always mean you can’t do something , it’s just the fact of you knowing that something mite go wrong and looking out  for there safety. that’s why i had to put my Baby Girl on front street she is the joy to come home from work. I have a son too I Love him quite the same but, Daughters Love is kind of different from the love of the Boys. Shoots out to my Baby girl. excuse the numbers for some reason they would not come off! What the heck!

Is Sallie Mae Helping or Harming Black Millennials?

i hope and pray its for the best and not to harm us as a people.

dara t. mathis

For almost the past 50 years, there has been a shift in the American Dream of success, especially in regards to black families. Civil rights laws opened doors to education. Colleges and universities began to flood with women and minorities who previously weren’t welcomed at institutions of higher learning. By the time the generation of Americans called Millennials were born in the early 1980s, “go to college” was a required step in adulthood.

A degree should equip students with skills and knowledge they need to be productive members of society. And for many black families who are sending their first generation of college students off, this is the first step of building wealth. The formula hasn’t been so simple, however. Graduating into the yawning mouth of a recession, many Millennials find themselves both jobless and penniless, their dreams swallowed up in a harsh reality.

In mainstream media, the growing…

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Facebook’s New Policy Brings a New Chapter into the Lives of Teenagers

that is a good idea but, i hope that they monitor the actions that the teenagers are putting on the web for other people to see.

Crisis Communication & Social Media

Facebook relaxed its privacy policy recently, allowing teens between 13 and 17 years old to share whatever they posted with the general public. This move has raised new concerns about teenagers’ privacy and safety online, but I believe Facebook is definitely doing the right thing. Here’s why.

First, when the free speech confronts privacy right, Facebook refuses to compromise.

While experts are complaining about their privacy concerns, Facebook chooses to respect teenagers’ free expression rights. Should we limit teenagers’ freedom of speech just because of their age? Teenagers are the savviest people using social media; they post their thoughts about the new movies they have watched and interesting events they have attended… Instead of being heard only by their friends, they prefer to share their voices with the general public. Facebook therefore revised its privacy rules to give teenagers an opening door to the real world.

Second, when desires confront…

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Snap Shot’s! What were they thinkin!


Here’s a snap shot of a koala bear. It not naked or taking any crazy photos of its self. Its just having a good time trying to find a meal in the tree.
But, what in the world was these kids thinking about taking pictures of them selves and some other girls and posting them on a snap shot site, That was stupid at first just to take the pictures and post them anyway. That would be no difference then putting porn pictures on the web and expecting everybody to see them. Even the photos don’t stay don’t the site for very length of time but, that still doesn’t make it rite for them to put any type of retard photos them selves or any body else and expect it to be ok. There needs to be more restrictions on some of these sites. Especially the ones who put things on them. not to say that the sites doesn’t have any good use for someone to look at like jobs uses. Because a lot of jobs now look at your face book and other pages just to see how you conduct yourself away from your job place. And really what they say to someone who has photos of them selves and other people on there site and think that they hired the a very weird people. I don’t think that you would have any job left if they was to find something like that on your site. considered/2013/11/14 snap shot story!

I think parents like myself need to be more conscience of the things that go on in there house and on the there phones. There is a way to check there phones when they are not close buy to you and to see what kind of stuff they are posting and who too. It mite sound like invasion of privacy but, I would rather find out what they are up to then have the police or they FBI if it ever got that serious, and get token to jail for some stupid reason like these kids did in Canada post obscene photos of them selves and others!