All NewCos are TechCos & the Implications are Huge

I like your post. And your rite we need to pay more attention on how the are spending the money

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I found myself, once again, in a debate with my friends on whether the Silicon Valley real estate market is currently in a bubble. Could the prices keep going up? And that’s when it dawned on me. They will. No doubt. Why? Because from here on out, all new companies are going to be tech companies. Full stop.

Oh, but you say, what if I went and created a car company? You mean Tesla? That’s a tech company. Or what if I were to start a grilled cheese restaurant chain? Yep – that one’s a tech company too. Or how about a chocolate factory? Todd and Cam are literally writing their own software to operate and measure their chocolate factory because they’re so displeased with the off-the-shelf options at their disposal!

In today’s world, if you’re starting a NewCo and it’s not, at a foundational level, a…

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Is Social Media Being Violated?


I think the most important thing about this topic is how the user perceives how they are being violated. Just like the “Penguins” in the photo, there not expecting anybody the violate there getting together on the side of the shore or any other place that they mite visit. They want to go and not be bothered by anybody or anything. But, I guess the same thing would apply to ourselves. We don’t want anybody invading our privacy in any sort of way. The internet or any other form that the government and secret agencies may have out there to watch us. Not to say that watching what some people do or say on the web is not to be viewed. Because there are some things out there that I wouldn’t even want my kids watching or looking at. There are some serious people that need help with putting strange things on the internet but, not everyone is like that. But the idea of someone always watching every move or thought that you put on the web good or bad is kind of crazy. I would think that it would be up to the viewer how to take the information that is put on the web and what THEY! want to watch and not watch. Its should not be up to the “MEDIA POLICE”! But, like I said before that there are some things that need to be watched out for on the web like hate stuff or terrorist stuff. But, besides that let life go on and don’t try to control my life and yours to! Freedom of speech is a given right. Its in the U.S Constitution but, I wont get into all of that. We will just let that one ride for itself. Watch what you want to watch and censor what YOU! want to censor for your own choice, not the powers that be!

Life’s challeng’s part two!


Here’s something I thought about after I wrote the last post of “life challenges”. I posted about the jelly fish but, I didn’t give my reason why I choose that type of fish. I was asked to write about something in life that I thought would be useful on the social medial web.

I choose this type of jelly fish (BOX JELLY FISH) because it was one of the most dangerous jelly fish in the entire ocean. WHAT!
It really has no enemies out there, but it still has to go thru a life cycle and life challenge’s from birth. From an egg to adult hood it too has to go thru its own life challenge. Dangerous other jelly fish, bigger fish that wants to eat the eggs when young, going out in the ocean alone and have to fend for itself to find it’s own food. But, as you see the photo it is gracefully swimming thru the ocean but, what we don’t see is, if there is a mountain, a coral reef, tall stalk of sea weed, or any other obstruction that it possibly mite have to go thru. No matter what’s in it’s way, it has to make a choice to continue on or to turn around and don’t get to the food that’s ahead or a peaceful place to rest. Check it out for your self.” HTTP:// Box Jelly”.

Now I thought about how our lives can relate to the life style of the jelly fish. We were born groomed from birth, taut the wrongs and rights, told what to do and what not mess with and who to leave alone. But, enough of that, back to the message at had. We got thru life challenges for a particular reason. If we didn’t, how then can we know how to relate to trials of life. My grandfather was a WWII Veteran, and another war for which I cant remember rite now. But that’s ok. He would say that ” If you can Endure anything in life you can achieve anything BUT!, if YOU! stop Enduring don’t try to tell someone else what they can or can not achieve”! Meaning that, if you do something in life and you don’t achieve it , don’t try to hinder someone else from trying to reach there goals. Life Challenges will beat you down try to hurt you but, you must ALLWAYS! remember that no matter what you do, never give up because when you endure its not just for yourself, someone else is looking up to you and how you handle your situation. If you give up, they would have the same thought, that if you got to a certain point and gave up, maybe it will be the same way if I try it too. I’m sorry if that’s sounds like I’m attacking someone I’m not. Its just a true fact that if we don’t train up our kinds and lead them the right way they will fall astray and follow something else that’s going to lead to destruction. But, let me get off this subject and keep it moving. Everything and anything in life you put your mind to you can achieve it if you just stay the course. REMEMBER! Endurance! is no just for you, its also for someone else who are looking up too you. I think that is a real situation of Life’s Challenge’s. To always THINK! of someone else, not just yourself!

Lifes challenges!


You know the best things in life can be so beautiful. Like floating beauty like this jelly fish, but if your not careful you can get stung, beat down by the people that say that they love you and kick aside like dirt but, thru all of that you still have to stand on your own two feet and keep on pushing. It mite sound corny but, life can deal your a head ache or you can take it in strive and keep living. What would be your choice in it! Keep floating like the Jelly fish or keep getting knocked down and pushed aside!

R&B Isn’t Dead, But It’s Comatose

I really wish we had the old school way of making music was still around because we need it today. Not to say that a lot of these singers cant sing but, I wish they would really sing and stop try to sing.

dara t. mathis

Watching Good Morning America last week, I saw and Kelly Clarkson announce the American Music Award nominees for 2013. I should not have been surprised when head shots of Miguel, Robin Thicke, and Justin Timberlake popped up on the screen. But I was, and I tried to shrug the unnameable disappointment off.

R&B/soul is my favorite genre of music. I pride myself in knowing the most obscure of forgotten groups from the 90s (Blaque, anyone?) There are whole swaths of hip-hop albums I’m ignorant of (for several reasons) mainly because I was knee-deep in Sade, Troop, Tony Terry, Peabo Bryson, Jade, En Vogue, and other talented R&B artists. Their music flooded my ears and provided the soundtrack for my formative years.

I’ll just be frank. The racial landscape of R&B looked drastically different then. Occasionally, a white artist broke through like Robin Thicke and Remy Shand, building…

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I Didn’t Expect That…

I like this post, makes me think of the day I had my first son and the day I brought him home. That was the best day of my life to see and hold someone that was actually apart of me! STRONG DADS!

Main Line Dads

Around 7:00 PM, after we had been there an hour or so, the nurse called me over to look at something. “There’s the top of the baby’s head. This shouldn’t take too much longer.” Okay, I thought, if you say so. You’re the expert here. At the same time I thought, or rather, a terrifying thought consumed me: Holy Shit! This can’t happen. If that’s just the top of a head, there’s no way the rest of the head, a set of shoulders, arms, and a torso will ever fit through. The child is going to be lodged permanently in that silly straw of a birth canal.

The mother-child duo were going to expire right here, in this hideous “birthing suite” with its sandstone colored linoleum tiles, buttermilk colored walls, one of which was covered by a massive and incredibly dated nature mural wallpaper scene of some Montana high-country meadow…

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